Wewer, Elena

MPhil student at the University of Wollongong with a particular interest in interspecies violence, ecofeminism, and the intersections between animal studies and

Bockstal, Marlies

My PhD research focuses on purebred dog breeding practices in Aotearoa New Zealand. By drawing from key components of intersectional (eco)feminist, posthumanist

Beck, Maris

Maris is researching racehorse health and safety, as a PhD candidate at the University of New England. Her academic background is in

Savvides, Nikki

Nikki is interested in the use of more ethical forms of tourism to improve the welfare and conservation of Thailand’s captive elephants.

Montero, Nina

I am writing my honour’s thesis on the anthropocene, researching post-humanism, climate change and climate fiction. I am interested in protecting and

Schlagloth, Dr Rolf

koalas at Meredith

Rolf Schlagloth is koala researchers and educator who believes in the power of the koala as a flagship species for changing the

Maxwell, Garth

Animal lover, with continued fascination for animal intelligence and how that relates to our own animality/humanity. Working on cinematic and drama projects

Lunney, Dr Daniel

My research interests focus on zoology, wildlife ecology, and wildlife management.